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Mocktropica Site - Home to the Mocktropica System

Greetings and hello! We are the Mocktropica System; a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder trying to make the internet more system friendly. This site is handcoded by us, and while we do borrow some elements we try to alter them to make them unique to our site. This website has minor javascript (mainly popups for visual stimuli warnings). This is our second neocities website. Best viewed on computers for now.

New to hearing the terms "system" and "dissociative identity disorder"? Check the disorder info tab for more information on it! If you have further questions or comments, you can head to our guestbook.


  • October 12th - Added javascript pop up warnings to pages with blinkies.
  • November 12th - Major site theme updates.
  • November 14th - Site theme back to how it was! Thanks for waiting.
  • May 17th - New blog post "All's Quiet on the (System) Front".

Site Rating

This site is rated T-14 due to discussions of trauma and mental illness as well as the occasional swearing from the webmasters.

System Shout-Out

Other systems we've come across on neocities! If you'd like your site removed, let us know!