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Greetings and welcome to my portion of the website. My name is Styx; I don't mind being referred to as 'Coffin', but I would prefer if you use my name. I picked it out myself, after all. I am an adult (I'm not sure of my exact age, apologies), and I use he/him and tomb/tombs pronouns. Yes, I use neopronouns - get over it. I also consider myself to be a frequent fronter. I am relatively new to the system, but I have fronted quite a bit since I first showed up. I'm not sure of the reason for this, but I suppose we'll discover that later on. (Note from Cas: Styx is a grief abater and emotional protector.) I'm learning more about myself the more I'm out, so that's a positive. I'm not certain of my gender, but I know I associate with masculine characteristics. I'll figure that out in due time. I do associate with my source, however I am not close to it. We have watched it from time to time recently, and I like looking up fanart of myself. Some of you are so very talented.

stamp gif of candles burning stamp of a foggy graveyard with several headstones stamp of several bones neatly laid out
Oh bloody hell! blinkie of text that reads 'oingo boingo'