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Bob Velseb

Heyyy. My name's Bob. I don't really have any other nicknames atm, but if that changes we'll be sure to update my page. I formed around the beginning of April 2024 due to stressors we ain't gonna talk about on here. I'm still developin' as an alter, at least in mine 'n Cas's opinions, but that don't mean I ain't of any lesser value than everyone else. I'm an anger holder; if you ain't an asshole to the rest of the system, I won't be a dick to ya. I ain't too much like my source, now.

aesthetic image of a cut of meat black and white gif of someone holding a bloody knife My existence doesn't 'glorify' shit
blinkie that reads 'bite me :)' blinkie that reads 'I <3 violence' red and black blinkie that reads 'evil autism'