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Bones? Rattled.

Written by Caspian, 04/04/2023 at 4:20 p.m.

Content Warnings: discussions of medical problems, mentions of medication


We've been having hip pain (and general pain) for a majority of our adult life. Even as a teenager we experienced body aches and pains, but those were brushed off as growing pains. Last week, we were helping our mom move stuff out of a home during an estate sale. The property had some really steep outdoor stairs, and it made our hip hurt very badly for hours after we were done. I think the pain even lasted to the day after. I thought, 'okay, this isn't normal. I need to get this checked out.'

And so, we had a doctor's appointment today to see about it. She tested for bursitis, and after that yielded no results she moved onto poking at our hip joint in several spots. It hurt. Really bad. She stated that we might have arthritis or tendonitis, and gave us an anti-inflammatory medication. It's all just so surreal to me; I assumed we had that as the pain was coming from the joint itself, but I didn't think she would actually say that. I thought I was going to get something about my weight, or how it's growing pains, but no; arthritis or tendonitis. And medicine, to boot?

If the medication doesn't help within the usual two week period, we may have to see a orthopedic doctor. I think the thought of not knowing the outcome is a little nerve-wracking, but we'll get through this. Apart from that, we completed a few errands today; money stuff and then renewing a book at the library. Maybe we can do book reviews or book reccomendations? I think that could be fun.

- Caspian