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All's Quiet on the (System) Front

Written by Caspian, 05/16/2024 at 4:50 p.m.

Content Warnings: N/A

So. It's certainly been a while since the last post.

We've finally finished college, we've gotten out of a toxic relationship, and we've started a full-time job. Things are alright, for now. We still experience symptoms of illnesses and whatnot semi-frequently, but we haven't felt the need to update the blog nor the website as much. Such is the life of an adult? We're still figuring that out.

Our job is an office job, so perhaps in the meantime we can update our websites whenever we have downtime. Just because we have a more peaceful life than we did in college doesn't mean we stopped splitting alters; far from the case, in fact. We'll always be sure to give y'all the latest in system resources and information whenever we have the chance.

I do have a few articles I want to add to the website; I'll just have to add them when I get home as I don't have access to them at the moment. I'm glad I remembered the password to this account, though!

I'll also be sure to update the website as I learn more HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I know I want to add a few different features, such as fade-in on load and popup messages for flashing images. One of my ultimate goals is to make the website as accessible, but aesthetically pleasing as possible. Perhaps in the future I can add a roadmap page for future features. Viewers are always encouraged to submit suggestions and whatnot through the Neocities social features as well as our guestbook!

- Caspian